Benefits Of Blown-In Cellulose Insulation

Here are some benefits of having Blown-In cellulose Insulation opposed to regular Fiberglass Insulation:



  • Cellulose is made of recycled materials. It depletes the giant piles of newspaper and other paper materials thrown away every day. This helps reduce our carbon footprint, and helps by creating an environmentally better way of insulating your home.
  • The R-value of cellulose is better than most other insulations. R-value is the amount of an insulating material needed to keep hot or cool air. The higher the better.
  • The R-value of cellulose (roughly R-3.2 per inch) is higher than that of standard fiberglass (R-2.2 per inch).
  • It’s better for your health. Cellulose does not contain any fiberglass like other common insulations. Fiberglass has thee risk of cancer, irritations and rashes.
  • Cellulose is generally cheaper than many other options. It can save you up to 25% more money compared to some of the standard insulations. Blown cellulose easily fills in cracks and crevices to provide a seamless barrier.
  • Cellulose is treated with boric acid, which increases fire resistance, resists mold and makes it unpalatable to insects and other pest.
  • In the long-term, cellulose R-value decreases slower than other insulations. It has an acrylic binder that makes sure it settles when installed. Thus reducing the long-term decrease in R-value.